People have been asking the question “why death?”  , and some others are asking the question “what are spirits?” find your answers here: have your time and read till the end…

Centuries after centuries, years after years, death has never been seen as a common phenomenon among humans, yet it is still common by occurrence.

Come to think of this, there are two rims in-which creatures of the earth exist. One is the physical rim (land of the living), the other is the spiritual rim (land of the spirits).

Spirits include both the creators and the creatures which we do not ordinarily see in the physical rim…

I have come to observe the sadness among humans when they loss their lovely ones. because of this, I decided to make some research about life and death and have come to realize that for each death in the physical rim, adds a new beginning in the spiritual rim where most of our lovely dead ones and creators live. This implies that when one losses someone in the physical rim, one should know and belief that the departed has gone to stay with his/ her lovely ones and creators in the spiritual rim.


The physical and the spiritual rim are in a constant equilibrium. In the spiritual rim exist spirits of dead ones and the creators. 

Virtually every living will see the spiritual rim some days, the dead is fortunate enough to have gone before you. So why being worried when you loss someone?     Note and don’t forget that “life on earth is an opportunity to learn how to live after life”

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